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You can find the exact price for your job in a chart bellow. The price you see is the final price, no hiden charges!

Our work is fast and efficient - most of the domestic call outs (leaks, tap repairs, blockages, pressure promlems, etc.) are usually solved within 1 hour!

The hourly rate:

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4hrs job


1 day job


Extra charge for jobs in Central London - £10 per job.

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We accept most of the credit/debit cards. Payment directly after the job is finished to engineer.

Even lower plumbing prices for our priority clients.

Monthly  plans:
What's include:
£140 / month
£210 / month
8hrs pcm included(1) 16hrs pcm included(1)
Carpet cleaning(2)
Or car interior
Free (once a year) Free (once a year)
Plumbing / Heating
Discounted hourly rate(3)
£40 £35
Plumbing / Heating
Discounted 4hrs fixed price(3)
£110 £95
Plumbing / Heating
Discounted 8hrs fixed price(3)
£200 £185
Plumbing / Heating
Discounted more days job(4)
Discounted estimates Discounted estimates
Free maintenance check(5)
Every 3 months Every 2 months

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